i'm good...

...for as long as my batteries hold out

Ok, so it's 6:32pm, and i need to kill another 1.5 hours before another flight that i'll be waiting for on stand-by.

Yes, it's a pretty geeky scene here across from the duty free shop. As i've mentioned in e-mails to a couple of my mailing lists, after wandering around waiting for my last stand-by flight i found the only four sit-down phone booths in this area of the Salt Lake City airport.

So of course i'm planted in front of, or rather plugged into the one of the four that has a datajack. (Hey, who just turned off the overhead lights? i'm not one of those "in the dark" hacker-types.)

Anyways, my dad has lent me a very sweet Mitsubishi Amity CN (Compact Notebook) which fits nicely in my backpack. Only bad thing is that the keyboard is too small, which isn't so bad in and of itself, but it's got some stupid layout decisions, like a Windows key between the ? and the Shift key. Argh.

Add to the geek factor the fact that i have my 5-year old Fry's special Sanyo CD player (i don't think i paid more than $30), so i'm listening to Earth, Wind and Fire Live while i'm typing this.

And i'm thinking, i can probably occupy myself for as long as the batteries hold out, or until i get sick of a 28.8kbps connection. (Thanks NCD! >:)

So, anyways, since i'm here... take a look at my new haircut, which i'm finally getting accustomed to:

[New cut]

But you know, i guess i've had it this short before... Hrm, but i don't think i'm ready to link to my "A Better Tomorrow" pictures just yet. :} (By the way, i took that picture at home, because i'm not so geeky that i brought a _camera_ with me. Heck, if i did that, you'd be getting a virtual tour of the Salt Lake City airport. But i _did_ take that picture last night, 12/23/98.)

Hrm, actually, i'd better go make sure my name is at the top of the _next_ standby list. See you from there, if i can find another nice spot to sit and geek out.

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