Subject: Re: Annoying fan mail
To: (Douglas Adams)
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 13:45:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Darryl Lee" <lee [at]>

> Darryl -
> Thanks for your note. I had fun spotting all the deliberate mistakes. I'll
> note them below. Did I get them all?

How embarrassing.  Oh well, i guess i really am getting old.  (28 years
isn't really that old, but my memory didn't used to be this bad.  Er,
as far as i can recall.  :)

> Who is Joey Skaggs?

Joey Skaggs is the creator of such hoaxes as the mail sent to
various humane societies posing as a Korean dog meat vendor.  Or the
Celebrity Sperm Auction.  More info can be found at

> It was in So Long and Thanks for all the fish, in fact.

Well gee, i guess i didn't prove myself a very careful reader, then.

> and then hearing you
> >retell it on the Tonight Show.
> Late Night with David Letterman, in fact.

Or viewer.  Yeesh!

>  Too funny that from there (perhaps)
> >it made it to the annals of the Internet.
> >
> >Loved your response to the query, as well.
> Which response was that?

Did i mention that i tried sending this to several of your old
addresses, listed at the end of the response archived here:

> If they read your work,
> >they'd know it was you.  (Or a reasonable fascimile thereof.)

See above about being a careful reader.

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Wow.  A geniune response.  May i add it to my page of "Brushes with

But i'd have to rewrite it.  Because you're certainly more than

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