Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:21:33 +0100
Subject: Re: Annoying fan mail
From: "Douglas Adams" <>
To: lee [at]

Darryl -
Thanks for your note. I had fun spotting all the deliberate mistakes. I'll
note them below. Did I get them all?
>Found your address when i went looking for information on ye olde
>Neiman-Marcus cookie urban legend.  A more recent urban legend posits
>that the rumor was started by Neiman-Marcus itself, in an effort to
>build name-recognition.
>You'd think that they didn't need any more of that.  At any rate, the
>rumor (the more recent one) was started by Joey Skaggs, infamous

Who is Joey Skaggs?
>What does this have to do with you?  Nothing.  A search at
> turned up your name in conjunction with cookies,
>specifically the infamous "Stolen Cookies at the Train Station" story.
>i remember reading this in the first Gently book,

It was in So Long and Thanks for all the fish, in fact.

and then hearing you
>retell it on the Tonight Show.

Late Night with David Letterman, in fact.

 Too funny that from there (perhaps)
>it made it to the annals of the Internet.
>Loved your response to the query, as well.

Which response was that?

If they read your work,
>they'd know it was you.  (Or a reasonable fascimile thereof.)


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