The Doh of Homer[Homer]

This is for the benefit of a certain person at Pathfinder who wasn't aware of what "Doh" meant.

Well, here's one of Homer Simpson's ubiquitous "Doh!"s , not to be confused with his almost never heard "Duh!".

The files are in AIFF format, and neither is longer than 15K.

Thanks to John Strong, whose page is where i found the samples heard above. (The "Doh!" is actually part of a medley of 32 "Doh!"s. Check out the medley and many other great samples from "The Simpsons"!)

Also...thanks to Anton Prastowo, whose page is where i found the cool Homer icon. He's also got nearly all of Homer's "Mmm"s, you know, like "Mmm, beer" and "Mmm, donuts". Highly recommended!

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