whois darryl-dom

Darryl Lee (DARRYL-DOM)
   999 Evelyn Terrace West #91
   Sunnyvale, CA 94086

   Domain Name: DARRYL.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Lee, Darryl  (DL1258)  lee@DARRYL.COM
      +1 408 738 3224
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Hostmaster, Best Internet  (BIH2)  hostmaster@BEST.COM
      +1 650 964 2378 www.best.com
   Billing Contact:
      Lee, Darryl  (DL1258)  lee@DARRYL.COM
      +1 408 738 3224

   Record last updated on 30-Mar-98.
   Record created on 28-Apr-96.
   Database last updated on 18-Jun-98 04:46:46 EDT.

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Actually, it's not that complicated. In fact, it was quite easy. i just went here.

When i signed up, all they had was the Basic 200 plan, or something like the Basic 200 plan: $30 for 25MB of web stuff, 200MB throughput per day, 6000MB per month. And it comes with a PPP account. The domain registration costs $30 for Best to set up, but don't forget that you also have to pay Network Solutions $70 to register the domain for the first two years). After that though, there's no monthly surcharge (unlike some ISPs). Just the $35 annual renewal that you have to start paying after your first two years. It's a pretty good deal, cause that's a good amount of disk space.

They also give you 20MB of space in your home directory, for stuff like mail. This is also a good thing. Especially if you're a packrat like me who never throws away any mail.

And that's about it. Getting your own domain is easy. It doesn't have to be _that_ expensive though ($30). If you don't need so much space (and don't want a shell account and fancy CGI scripting capabilities), there's alternatives like Mindspring, Pair, and another one that i'll remember and link to later. Oh, and if you don't need a PPP account, and so much throughput per day, Best has a Basic 100 plan, which is $24.95/mo. But oy, i'm beginning to sound like an infomercial.