My 2 seconds on MTV

Pam and Me
Pam and Me
So sometime in the Spring of 1995, April or May, a friend and i drove from UCSB down to L.A. to catch the "First Asian American Rock Tour."

Known as "Ear of the Dragon," the show was sponsored by A. Magazine and was mainly pushed into happening by Soon Young Park, whose band Seam has a pretty big following in its home town of Chicago.

There was also a CD released to coincide with the tour. It featured bands such as aMiniature, Cub, J Church, Skankin' Pickle, Kicking Giant, and Versus.

The L.A. show took place at the Troubador. As we were watching the show, i saw some familiar looking faces over in the corner. And considering that i didn't know _any_ of the bands, i realized that i knew them from TV. MTV, to be exact.

"Hey Maka!" shouting to be heard over some loud band like aMiniature, "i think that's Judd and Pam from 'The Real World'!"


Maka didn't watch much TV. Argh. So i kept glancing over now and again into the "green room" where the performers were lounging before they went on. Yup, it was definitely Judd and Pam.

Later on, they ventured out to the floor, and i asked Judd what was up. He said they were down from S.F., he was still cartooning, she was still in med school, yadda yadda yadda.

Ok ok ok, so you're wondering, when did you get to be on MTV? Well, after the show, they set up a lights and a camera outside of the Troubador, and Pam was interviewing people from the audience. Somebody with a clipboard asked me if i wanted to be on MTV, and i said sure.

Of course then it was like, "How can i monitor MTV so that i can catch myself on tape?" (This was _before_ everyone had e-mail, mind you.)

As luck would have it, a friend of a friend mentioned that she thought she saw me on MTV, in a segment on MTV News! So, i banked on the fact that they would replay the segment in the Week in Rock. When Saturday _finally_ rolled around, i cued up the tape, and got it!

Here's a tiny snippet (1.7MB) of the maybe 2-3 minute piece. And yes, all i say is, "It was good!"

It was captured on my Mac 7100/80 AV, which has Quicktime 3.0. So if you're having problems, maybe you need to upgrade. Sorry about that.

Speaking of upgrades, i had problems playing it with my old version ( of the Unix movie player, xanim, but once i upgraded to, all was fine. (This is a known problem, so go upgrade! :-)

And yes, i know my hair was long then. Shaddup already.

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