Can you say tired?!

So it was all Calvin's fault, er, i mean, idea. Let's go up to Yosemite and climb Half Dome.

Me: "Sure, sounds like fun! What is that, a couple of hours?"
Calvin: "Uh, no, more like 10-12 hours."
Me: "Uh...ok."

But well, i was in. So here are some of the pictures. Taken by Alvin, scanned in by Scott, i think. They've all been reduced to pretty tiny GIFs for your perusal here, but clicking on them will bring up the mondo, 16.7 million color JPEG versions.

Posted Oct. 24, 1996

From the left, that'd be me, bending over so gracefully, then there's Rebecca, Dan, Calvin, Edwin, and Scott.

Bridalveil Falls...i think. Actually, Kim wants you to know that she thinks that it's Nevada Falls. Who am i to argue?:-}

Half dome. Yes, those really are people and they really are climbing up a very steep incline of granite only holding on to a steel cable.

Half Dome again.

A view of what i think is one of the "Three Brothers" formation.

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