Help Glady, Darryl, Noah and Luke Win A Nissan Leaf!

UPDATE 2011.05.31 - Well, we didn't win. Apparently this woman and her son had a *lot* of friends and family willing to vote for their ahm, interesting, video. Ah well, we did get a sweet bike. Thank you for your votes and for spreading the word!

UPDATE 2011.01.30 - On Jan 20 the bike arrived semi-assembled in a big ol' box. After digging on the Internet for instructions on connecting up Shimano dynamo and internal-gear hubs, and getting a missing part shipped from Mellow Johnny's (Lance Armstrong's bike shop in Austin, TX), I finally got the whole thing put together!

Trek Belleville
New Trek Belleville, courtesy of Nissan, and YOU for all your votes!!

UPDATE 2010.12.24 - We were pleasantly surprised to get a FedEx package the other day informing us that we WON the San Jose event! That means we will get this really sweet Trek bicycle.

We can't thank you -- our friends, families, and friends of our friends and families -- enough for your votes! Hey, if we don't win the car, maybe I can give you a (short) ride on the bike! :-}

The only bummer is that they've added more test drives for the Leaf, so that means more competition and a longer wait to see who wins the car. (Winner for the last event is supposed to be announced at the beginning of May.) But that's ok, we won a bike, woohoo!


-- Glady, Darryl, Noah and Luke

Lees with a Nissan Leaf
Watch the video.