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[New!] Silly Darryl.

Darn. i lost (the disc design contest). But the guy who won _did_ have a clever design. And hey, at least this one didn't win. Whew! >:-} So, sometimes, i get a little artsy. See, i play in this Ultimate frisbee league, and they needed a design for their disc. Oh well, gave me an excuse to practice/re-learn what little Photoshop and Illustrator i know. But anyways, i'm kind of proud of it. :-} Hrm, on the other hand, maybe this whole geek code thing is silly. Ok, my MGC (Meta Geek Code) is:
i guess that's all you really need to know. Heh. Whoops. i accidentally deleted my old home page. Unix sucks. >:-P (01/15/98)
Anybody remember what else is missing? Mail me. Thanks! Well, i think i used to have...a picture of me and my cousins and grandparents. Well, i got fed up with not having one place to find the prices of Tahoe Ski Resorts, so i made up a page. A few new pictures of Linux (the cat, not the box). Uhm...gee, how nice of you to notice that it was my birthday. Oh no...don't tell me i've become one of those people. Didja know that back on May 18, i actually ran (most of) the San Francisco Bay to Breakers? Well, i did. We've done it again: golf, anyone? Yet another web page about personal music choices. Well, i guess it's finally time that i got around to figuring out what the hell my Geek Code is:
Version: 2.1
GCM d?>++ H s:- g?(+) !p au--(+) a- w+ v++*? C+++ UL++ P+ L++ 3- 
E--- N+ K+ W$ M++ V-- po(-) Y+ t+ 5- j R-- G''' tv b+ D B--- e+
-u+* H+>++ f+ r++ n--- y+

Oh no! i just found out there's been some major changes to the Geek Code, currently at Version 3.12! Well, like any good geek, i must upgrade, but like a careful geek, i'll keep the old version around, "just in case."

Version: 3.12
GCM d->++ s:- a- C+++ UL+>++++ P+ L++ E--- W--(++) N+(++) o-- K+ 
w(--)$ O- M++ V-- PS++ PE Y+ PGP+>++ t+ 5- X(+) R-- tv+ b+ DI(+) 
D G e>++* h>++ r++ y+

What? Too lazy to decode it yourself? Well fine, ungeek already did it for you.

Calvin looks like who? i don't think so.
But maybe Jon looks like Takeshi. No really! If you're looking for pictures of Adam's cube, they're over here [Old!] So, maybe you were looking for this really cool FAQ on the cheap PowerPC upgrades for the PowerBook 500 series? Well, i don't have a really cool one, i just have this. Well, this isn't really new, but um, i'm a geek. (Hey, admitting it is the first step, right?) By popular request, here's a couple of pictures of my car (in desperate need of a good washing.) Ok...this is the last i will ever mention my car again on these pages. i swear.

Here's the brochure for it. i got it with just under 9,000 miles on it, still a year and a half left on the warranty. Yes, i'm quite happy. (Wow...i just read that only 3,500 of these were ever made. Cool.) :-}

Oh, and somebody whap me over the head if i turn this into one of those "i love my car" web sites, but this is a really cool story by a guy (hrm, ok, upon closer inspection, he's an editor of Edmund's Automotive publications) who got to drive a rented Miata for a couple of weeks and fell in love with it. (It starts out as a funny review, and then, at the end of the fourth paragraph, they hide the title: "Three Weeks with Mazda's Wonderful Miata By Christian Wardlaw")

No, really, last Miata thing. i promise. My good friend Calvin's comparison of the Miata to his 97 Acura Integra after only driving mine for like...yeesh Calvin, it was just a couple of miles! i think he was just trying to make me feel good after spending all that money.

PowerPC upgrades for the PowerBook 500 series? Well, i don't have anything like that, but i do have my quickly-thrown-together-didn't-even-bother-to-HTMLize-it FAQ about that topic. Hrm, apparently somebody walled the address of my vi powered! page this morning (12/2/96), and boom, suddenly i have all kinds of people submitting their pages to the users list. And to think...for a while i was thinking it was because of the Cruel Site of the Day award. (Yah, right.) What? i was Cruel Site of the Day?
On November 22?
Oh, my Apple rant was. Oh hey, i work for NCD permanently now (as of Nov. 1, 1996). So that FAQ i used to have here is a little outdated. But then again, so is my old home page. Half Dome pictures (from Oct. 12, 1996) Hey...i finally got into Wired! (Oct. 1996) [Tomato!] (8/15/96) Oh no, i've been attacked by tomatoes! pandora.library.ucsb.edu - R.I.P. 7/24/96 Well, it's not really that new, but here's my PGP public key. And if you're wondering, "What's PGP?" Heh. This screen shot of Netscape-Doom is pretty cool. Oh, if you want to see an animated envelope like the one in Mission: Impossible, you should check out "What Else?" (Look for it at the bottom of the page.) Um...here's my new place Yah yah, so i finally got my annual haircut. (Picture taken with my spiffy new Connectix Color QuickCam!)
(Picture LOST by accidental and stupid "rm *" command!!) Speaking of darryl.com, check out how i got my own domain. Hey, check out the pictures and stuff from my going away party (5/4/96)!
[Lynx NOW!] [Cruel!]
(Nov. 22, 1996)
[vi power!]

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