Things to know about your Nokia 2120

(Which is the same thing as an AT&T 6650, which is also the same as some other one, maybe an Audiovox?)

But i will _not_ call this the "Unofficial Nokia 2120 Home Page," cause that's so...lame.

Well, Keith found this really good deal, so he, Erik and i each bought one. (Keith also bought one for his brother-in-law.) Refurbished, they were $40, and because we were buying four of 'em, they dropped it to $30.

And when i first got it, i looked for information on it on the Net. All i found out was a technically detailed, but for all practical purposes, less than useful doc about programming the phone. More on that later.

For fun, i thought i'd publish some things that i've learned about my phone that are kinda cool:

Save a battery--turn off the backlight.
Here's an easy one, from my pal Louis. You'll save buku battery time, he says.
Shortcut: Menu 4 2 2

Save face--turn down the volume.
Then there's my little trick: Turn down the volume! Handy for when you're eating at a snotty restaurant.
Shortcut: Menu 4 3 1

Save a life! Well, ok, maybe not, but at least you won't miss a life-changing phone call if you--turn up the volume.
You know, like when the engine in your car is so loud that you have to drown it out by turning the radio up all the way...
Shortcut: Menu 4 3 5

Save a tree--put your battery into analog mode.
Puts it into analog mode, which Louis insists sounds better. In addition, it puts out more power, meaning your phone becomes a nice handwarmer.
Shortcut: Menu 6 2 2

Anyways, i suppose that's enough with the silly tips. One feature i would definitely recommend using is the 125 memory locations you have available. Sure sure, you can program the 1 key to dial your girlfriend [and make sure you have "One Touch Dialing" enabled so all you have to do is hold down the 1 key for a few seconds for it to dial (Shortcut: Menu 4 16 On)], but you can also do cool things like...program your phone to check your voicemail, page your friends, and forward your calls. Oh heck, it's so cool, let's use up another web page talking about it!

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