A proud papa

and my baby
Me and my baby
Yep. So last August, after months of unintentional hinting by me, my friends chipped in and bought me a USRobotics Palm Pilot Professional for my birthday. (Yes, back then it _hadn't_ yet been bought by 3Com.)

It's like, the coolest thing. And if you were one of those people, thanks. Again. >:-}

ANYways, what makes the Pilot cool is that it does the things its inventor set out to do: 1) Fits in your shirt pocket, 2) Has really good built-in applications, 3) Is really easy to hook-up and "sync" with your PC (or Mac) Desktop.

And that's it. i mean, that's what made it popular with uh, "normal" people.

What made it popular with geeks like me, is that it has so much dang cool third-party software written for it. And so much of it is freeware, public domain, and shareware, and it's all available for a download from the web.

Anyways, just a brief run-down on the add-on stuff that i consider "essential" on a Pilot:

Yeah, i'll get links eventually, but in the meantime, just look for them at PilotGear.

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