Web booty

(No, not _that_ kind of booty.)

Anyways, you've seen those guys. The ones wearing a shirt with www.this or that.com. Geeks. Yup. That's us.

But hey, if it wasn't for free shirts, we'd look even worse. Count your blessings. :-P

[And yes mom, i _do_ have an iron. But not all of these shirts were clean (ew!), nor do i iron t-shirts. Ever.]

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Mare was kind enough to send me one of her web site's t-shirts, shortly after i was mentioned on there. She's always got fresh links, so you should check it out.

[Jack Shirt]
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Yup, it's the shirt for You Don't Know Jack - The Netshow. i was a beta tester. It's a rocking good game (and a brilliant web business model), and highly recommended.

AltaVista Shirt

AltaVista had this contest where you used their site to find the answers to questions about "Wonders of the World," including the classical wonders (the pyramids, hanging gardens of whereever), as well as natural wonders (The Grand Canyon, etc.). At any rate, i sent in my answers, and was randomly chosen from however many people to get a free _polo_ (ooh) shirt.

Suck Shirt Three
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Suck's latest t-shirt. Not such a rarity, since you can buy them now, but still, kind of cool. (Got it free because, well, because i know people, ya know? :-)

Industry Standard Shirt
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The Industry Standard just loves giving me t-shirts. This is the second one i've gotten from them, just for filling out a silly little two-question survey about my how i "felt" about the Internet Economy. Whatever. i wish they'd give me what i really want: a free subscription. That way i wouldn't have to wait so long to read Carl's column.

Suck Shirt Two

A year after Suck started, they redesigned their site, and also came out with a brochure. This was Suck 2.0. They invited me to the party to commemorate the brochure, as well as the re-design, and Carl's promotion. i got there late, but got to masquerade as Ann O'Tate on an AOL chat that coincided with the event. Oh, and they also gave me this nifty t-shirt.

Suck Shirt One

When they first started, i used to provide free proofreading services for Suck. Nowadays, they have better (and paid) editors, and i've gotten lazy. At any rate, in appreciation of my efforts, they sent me this shirt, along with some other goodies, like Suck®-branded pens, condoms, and (heh) suckers.

Pictures of me wearing shirts taken with the original Connectix Color QuickCam. Close-ups of the shirts were scanned directly into a Microtek ScanMaker E3 Plus, and are big because they're actual size. (Quick and dirty, that's my motto...)

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