Argh, again!?

Ok, i'm not sure if the teams were quite the same, but i _think_ this makes it two Christmas vacations straight that Daniel Wang and my Uncle Jim Lee have beaten me in Scrabble.


And yes, i think this does make me non-geeky, because a proper geek would be able to play this game. Darnit.

The worst part of it is, after getting challenged and losing on "qi," (which as you see here is only in the British version of the Official Scrabble Dictionary), i blundered _again_!

See, i have no problems coming up with decent words. In fact, down to our second-to-last play, i threw down "joule," which is worth... a respectable 12 points alone.

The worst part of all this, is that i placed in such a stupid place. Basically, it only gave us something like 16 points total, and immediately after the board rotated to the next player, i realized that i missed placing it _vertically_ on a triple word score. i _always_ misplace good words, which is the sure sign of a wannabe Scrabble player.

My good friend Lori always played fairly simple words. While i tried playing as many letters as i could as once (c'mon, all seven tiles and it's a "bingo" - add 50 points) and delving into the furthest corners of my mind for obscure words, she would kick my butt with her _excellent_ board skills. It's all about how you play the board, she would admonish me.

Ok, so maybe it's not a non-geeky thing to lose at Scrabble. But i still hate it.

Next year... next year. Right Grace?

(If it sounds like i've neglected to mention my partner in this game, Grace Wang, it's because i feel totally responsible for the loss, referring to the two blunders above.)


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