Ow, my back!

Ok, so it technically wasn't my back, but more like my neck, and just between my shoulder blades.

Add these three things together, and it's not hard to see what happened. But of course, you, gentle reader, want details, do you not?

Anyways, after the annual Quock/Lee family after-Christmas potluck (is this a tradition yet?), we went out to the back of the church fellowship hall to shoot some baskets. The backboard was one of those adjustable-types, so of course, we lowered it to "regulation Asian" (which means what, 6-7 feet?) and started trying to dunk on it.

And yup, after numerous attempts and increasingly higher baskets, i somehow managed to pull the neck muscle that allows me to look down and around without turning my entire body or experiencing some degree of pain.

i figure it was the combination of me looking up with my hands upraised, and then having the rim stop the ball (and me with it) as i failed to quite clear the net.

So yeah, chalk it up to bad posture, bad basketball, and bad shape. And oh yeah, i'm 28. (Everybody else was what... 24 and under? And most of them actually _play_ basketball. Heck, i probably hurt myself with that one lame lay-up that i shoot at 50%.)

At any rate, suffered through an evening of sleeping with a sore neck, and then this afternoon, my dad had the brainstorm of offering me my grandparents' Extra Strength Ben-Gay. And man, i'm telling you, it burns _goooood_.

So um yeah, tomorrow night i fly back to California. Maybe i'll do another application of Ben-Gay for the trip back. Heh, bet my fellow passengers will just _love_ the minty-fresh smell of _that_.

But heh, it was fun. But it's funny, all my relatives were surprised that i actually hurt myself, especially those darned young cousins of mine, Matthew and Ryan. Hmph, yup, see what happens when you get old, guys? Hehehe... (Well, old and out of shape.)

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