First Class

Thanks to the fog in SFO and OAK, my flight home from SAT was all messed up.

When i got to DFW at around 9:35pm, they had just cancelled my flight continuing on to SFO. Next available was something like two to three days later.

But actually, i needed to get to SJC, not SFO. So after the ticket lady wrangled with the computer for a while, i finally got a confirmed seat for a flight through, once again, SLC. And vouchers for one night's stay at a nearby hotel, dinner and breakfast. But as i noticed too late (on the shuttle to the hotel), i had no paper ticket. When i got to the hotel, i confirmed my reservations. I guess i was going ticketless. (Oh the scandal! :-)

Anyways, the next day i got to hang out w/cousin Matthew and a bunch of his friends from UT Austin (that are from Dallas), had dinner w/him and my Aunt Mary, and then got dropped off at DFW by her, cousin Allyson and Alley (sp?) the cat.

So flight from DFW -> SLC was uneventful, just a little late. But the guy at the gate had probs issuing me my boarding pass. (Due to the weird rebooking.) Eventually got it and got on.

Into SLC, troubles getting my boarding pass again. This time it wouldn't print? He actually called for a "trainer" who told him what to do.

So... here i sit in oooh, first class, all warm from that complimentary pre-flight vodka tonic. (What? No Collins mix? Bah!)

Surrounded by a huge leather seat, lots of leg room, (hey, i was crammed in the back into seat 38B on the DFW -> SLC leg of this trip) snobbish frequent flyers, and lucky dogs like me.

Saw the guy in front of me get indignant when the last man on the plane leaned on the top of his seat to rest a bit while waiting to get to the back of the plane.

Saw the last man on the plane try and sneak into the free open seat across from me in first class.

Saw the last man on the plane get busted by a stewardess, back to his assigned seat, row 44(!)

Heard him say, "Aw man, i've spent 6 hours today in an airport," as he gathered up his things and headed towards the back of the plane.

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