================  UNGEEK 3.1 -- Geek Code v3.1 Interpreter  ================

---------------------------- GEEK TYPE CODE [GCM] --------------------------

    Geek of Computer Management.

-------------------------- GEEK DRESS CODE [d->++] -------------------------

    I'm usually in jeans and a t-shirt.  But someday I'd like to say:
    "I tend to wear conservative dress such as a business suit or worse,
    a tie."

--------------------------- GEEK SHAPE CODE [s:-] --------------------------

    Everyone tells me to gain a few pounds.

----------------------------- GEEK AGE CODE [a] ----------------------------

    My age is 30-39.

------------------------- GEEK COMPUTERS CODE [C+++] -----------------------

    You mean there is life outside of Internet?  You're shittin' me!  I
    haven't dragged myself to class in weeks.

------------------------- GEEK UNIX CODE [ULS+>++++] -----------------------

    I use Linux and SunOS/Solaris.  I not only have a unix account, but
    I slam VMS any chance I get.  But someday I'd like to say:  "I am
    the sysadmin.  If you try and crack my machine don't be surprised if
    the municipal works department gets an "accidental" computer-
    generated order to put start a new landfill on your front lawn or
    your quota is reduced to 4K."

---------------------------- GEEK PERL CODE [P++] --------------------------

    Perl is a powerful programming tool.  I don't write shell scripts
    anymore because I write them in Perl.

--------------------------- GEEK LINUX CODE [L++] --------------------------

    I use Linux ALMOST exclusively on my system.  I've given up trying
    to achieve Linux.God status, but welcome the OS as a replacement for
    DOS.  I only boot to DOS to play games.

--------------------------- GEEK EMACS CODE [E---] -------------------------

    Emacs sucks!  vi forever!!!

--------------------- GEEK WORLD WIDE WEB CODE [W--(++)] -------------------

    My tendencies on this issue range from:  "A pox on the Web!  It
    wastes time and bandwidth and just gives the uneducated morons a
    reason to clutter the Internet.", to:  "I have a homepage.  I surf
    daily.  My homepage is advertised in my .signature."

------------------------- GEEK USENET CODE [N+(++)] ------------------------

    My tendencies on this issue range from:  "I read news recreationally
    when I have some time to kill.", to:  "I read all the news in a
    select handful of groups."

----------------------- GEEK USENET ORACLE CODE [o--] ----------------------

    Who needs answers from a bunch of geeks anyhow?

---------------------------- GEEK KIBO CODE [K+] ---------------------------

    I like Kibo.

-------------------- GEEK MICROSOFT WINDOWS CODE [w(--)$] ------------------

    My tendencies on this issue range from:  "Ok, so I use MS Windows, I
    don't have to like it.", to:  "MS Windows is a joke operating
    system.  Hell, it's not even an operating system.  NT is Not Tough
    enough for me either.  95 is how may times it will crash an hour."
    Getting paid for it!

---------------------------- GEEK OS/2 CODE [O-] ---------------------------

    Tried it, didn't like it.

------------------------- GEEK MACINTOSH CODE [M++] ------------------------

    I am a Mac guru.  Anything those DOS putzes and unix nerds can do, I
    can do better, and if not, I'll write the damn software to do it.

---------------------------- GEEK VMS CODE [V--] ---------------------------

    I would rather smash my head repeatedly into a brick wall than
    suffer the agony of working with VMS.  It's reminiscent of a dead
    and decaying pile of moose droppings.  Unix rules the universe.

----------------- GEEK POLITICS & SOCIAL ISSUES CODE [PS++] ----------------

    I give to liberal causes.  I march for gay rights.  I'm a card
    carrying member of the ACLU.  Keep abortion safe and legal.

----------------- GEEK POLITICS & ECONOMIC ISSUES CODE [PE] ----------------

    Distrust both government and business.

------------------------- GEEK CYPHERPUNKS CODE [Y+] -----------------------

    I have an interest and concern in privacy issues, but in reality I
    am not really all that active or vocal.

-------------------------- GEEK PGP CODE [PGP+>++] -------------------------

    "Finger me for my public key".  But someday I'd like to say:  "I
    have the most recent version and use it regularly."

-------------------------- GEEK STAR TREK CODE [t+] ------------------------

    It's a damn fine TV show and is one of the only things good on
    television any more.

-------------------------- GEEK BABYLON 5 CODE [5-] ------------------------

    This show is sub-par.  The acting is wooden, the special effects are
    obviously poor quality.  In general, it seems like a very cheap Star
    Trek ripoff.

-------------------------- GEEK X FILES CODE [X(+)] ------------------------

    My tendencies on this issue range from:  "Ho hum.  Just another Fox
    show.", to:  "I've Converted my family and watch the show when I
    remember.  It's really kinda fun."

------------------------ GEEK ROLE-PLAYING CODE [R--] ----------------------

    Role-Players are instruments of pure evil.

------------------------- GEEK TELEVISION CODE [tv+] -----------------------

    I watch some tv every day.

---------------------------- GEEK BOOKS CODE [b+] --------------------------

    I enjoy reading, but don't get the time very often.

------------------------- GEEK DILBERT CODE [DI(+)] ------------------------

    My tendencies on this issue range from:  "I read Dilbert
    infrequently, rarely understanding it.", to:  "I read Dilbert daily,
    often understanding it."

----------------------------- GEEK DOOM CODE [D] ---------------------------

    I've played the game and I'm pretty indifferent.

----------------------------- THE GEEK CODE [G] ----------------------------

    I know what the geek code is and even did up this code.

------------------------ GEEK EDUCATION CODE [e>++*] -----------------------

    Finished High School.  But someday I'd like to say:  "Got a
    Baccalaureate degree.  I learned everything there is to know about
    life from the "Hitchhiker's Trilogy"."

-------------------------- GEEK HOUSING CODE [h>++] ------------------------

    Friends come over to visit every once in a while to talk about Geek
    things.  There is a place for them to sit.  But someday I'd like to
    say:  "Living in a cave with 47 computers and an Internet feed,
    located near a Dominoes pizza.  See !d."

----------------------- GEEK RELATIONSHIPS CODE [r+++] ---------------------

    Found someone, dated, and am now married.

----------------------------- GEEK SEX CODE [y+] ---------------------------

    Male.  I've had real, live sex.


Version: 3.1
GCM d->++ s:- a C+++ ULS+>++++ P++ L++ E--- W--(++) N+(++) o-- K+ w(--)$
O- M++ V-- PS++ PE Y+ PGP+>++ t+ 5- X(+) R-- tv+ b+ DI(+) D G e>++* h>++
r+++ y+