Semi-famous (and just plain famous) people i've written to. (And a few of them actually replied!)

i've actually gotten in touch with a few minor celebrities, and well, it's kind of cool.

[New!] Oh man. i totally embarrassed myself when i wrote to author Douglas Adams. And he's actually famous, not just semi-famous! He actually wrote back to point out the errors in my mail. Argh. i sent back something, but i don't think he's going to bother to reply. *Sigh*

One person i've exchanged a lot of e-mail with is a Santa Monica performance artist, Denise Uyehara. Despite that somewhat militant-looking shaved head, she's actually really nice. Here's what i wrote... and her response. We've been writing on and off ever since!

Another person i wrote to is a favorite cartoonist of mine, Lynda Barry. Her work is shall i say, funky? [Time to go to the scanner again.] Anyways, here's a bit of fan mail that i wrote to Lynda. She sent me back a postcard and an issue of Funny Times--a newspaper that her work appears!

Anyways, hey, i just read Douglas Coupland's Microserfs, and well, what can i say, it was great. So is this my first rave? Kind of. In the copyright section of the book, Coupland asks for readers to send in any bugs they might find (the book's about programmers, etc, so you get the joke.) Digging around on the net, i think i found Coupland's e-mail address. Here's what i sent him. We'll have to see if he writes back.

Well, that was back in October, and i still haven't gotten a reply, despite forwarding the mail to a friend of his. (Hrmph...thanks a lot, Ian >:-/)

So, i happened to be browsing the HarpersCollins web site a month or two ago, and filled out a survey. (i thought i was going to get a free book, since i found out about the site from Next to Nothing, a web site devoted to helping you get free stuff! Turns out the offer ended on 1/22/96. Darn...i must've missed it.) Their little automated reply program FINALLY sent me a note to thank me for my survey. (Actually, it sent it 3 times...what a pain...) But it reminded me about Microserfs and my letter to Doug. So i wrote back and asked them how i could get in touch with him. They wrote me back, and so... i'm gonna be sending (via snail-mail, ugh) the letter to this address today (3/6/96):

Douglas Coupland
c/o Author Mail
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street
New York, New York 10022-5299
We'll see what comes of it. :-}

Anyways...please e-mail me (see below) and let me know what you think!

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